Hopetoun House - South Queensferry, Edinburgh, Scotland

Hopetoun House is a magnificent venue for Scottish wedding photographers. The stunning architecture and the surrounding grounds are both beautiful and extensive offering plenty of scope for outdoor photography especially when the Autumn tints add that extra bit of colour. The nearby Forth Road and Railway Bridges add to the interest and provide an iconic backdrop that is instantly recognised worldwide. A really remarkable venue for Scottish Wedding Photography.

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Hopetoun House Weddings

About Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House is Scotland’s finest stately home, located in 150acres of beautiful grounds which offer walks and trails, including a sea walk trail. The impressive main facade was designed by William Bruce and later altered and extended by William Adams. The Georgian interiors have been virtually unchanged for three centuries and are decorated with period furniture, tapestries and paintings.

Both your wedding and reception can be held at Hopetoun House where there is a choice of exclusive settings. The grounds also have a thatched cottage for a romantic hideaway honeymoon.

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