Wedding Photographer - Glasgow Venues

As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a popular location for weddings. In such a busy city, you might expect that Glasgow wedding photographers would need to be shoot their images indoors, unless you were getting married in one of the large country hotels in the city outskirts.

Not so. The city architecture coupled with the many parks and gardens provide a wealth of backdrops for an experienced and creative photographer. Have a look at the selection of images from some of the well known Glasgow wedding venues and you will be surprised at the range of backdrops. Even the centre of this bustling city can be used to create stunning imagery which can be romantic, quirky and even atmospheric.

The links below will take you to pages containing more information on a selection of venues, popular with the best Glasgow Wedding Photographers. We will be adding to these regularly, so come back again for new insights and images.

The evaluations and ratings are based on personal experience at these venues and only consider the photographic aspect of the venue from a photographer’s viewpoint.

Choosing a great wedding venue is an important decision. As a renowned Glasgow wedding photographer, Gordon will be happy to talk to you about the best venues to select to ensure that your wedding photography has the backdrop to suit the type of type of images you are looking for. He can explain how he would use the features of the different venues, and show examples of his work which will convince you that his unique approach to photography will result in an album you will cherish forever. His quirky, contemporary approach is instantly recognisable and is why he is considered the best of Glasgow Wedding Photographers.

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