Top 12 Reasons to Engage a Professional Wedding Photographer on your Wedding Day

Of all your wedding expenses, apart from the wedding gown and the rings, the photography is one that you can keep for forever. Would you really want this timeless reminder of your wedding day to be entrusted to amateur photographers with little or no experience?

Organising a wedding can be stressful as well as time consuming. You will want to make sure that nothing goes wrong on the day. Gordon McGowan is known throughout the photography industry for his attention to detail and immaculate planning. Every detail is considered and his experience and knowledge of the best known Scottish wedding photography venues ensures that every click of the camera results in a perfect photograph. Gordon gives the bridal couple the opportunity to meet him prior to booking the wedding and takes this time to discuss with them the type of photographs they are looking and to get to know their personality and preferences. Three weeks prior to the wedding he will also contact the wedding couple to go over the details of the big day.

Life is never predictable so it is good to know that your wedding photographer has accounted for every eventuality. Gordon has professional liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. Also, as a well known member of the MPA, should he be involved in an accident or take ill on your wedding day, he has a network of talented professional wedding photographers that he can call on at short notice, all of whom are familiar with the standards that he expects.

Most couples would not dream of entrusting the cooking of the wedding meal, the cake decoration, or the officiation of the wedding to amateurs. Why then let anyone other than a professional wedding photographer take care of your priceless wedding photography? Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and you have only one chance to get it right.

A professional wedding photographer would bring to the wedding the very best cameras and auxiliary lenses, as well as backup equipment. If you engage Gordon McGowan to photograph your wedding, you can relax knowing that two copies of your images will be stored and backed up on reliable, modern computer equipment immediately after the wedding.

Wedding photography often has to capture the bride and groom in dimly lit churches where flash is not allowed, or hard to light reception venues. Even harsh sunlight can pose a problem for the amateur photographer. Gordon McGowan will use the ambient light to create images which are not only well lit, but where the attention to detail is flawless.

Every wedding has moments which don’t go according to plan, and most of these can be laughed off. Your wedding photography is a different matter. A professional wedding photographer brings to your wedding day a wealth of experience enabling them to cope with any eventuality.

Wedding photographers are specialists in their own field. While any professional photographer should be able to produce a great image, wedding photographers have years of experience enabling them to know how to act, where to be (and where not to be), and how to capture the essential elements and emotions of the day without interfering with the flow of the event.

There is a well known phrase - ‘You get what you pay for’. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of wedding photography. You only need to do a quick search online to find a host of photographers, all of whom will claim that they can photograph your wedding for an amazing price. But, be careful. Not all photographers are the same. There is a vast difference in experience and skill levels even between wedding photographers.

The images captured on the wedding day are only part of the service that a professional wedding photographer provides. After the wedding, the photographer can use their skill and experience in post processing to create images that are not only great but simply stunning. This is an area where Gordon McGowan simply excels! His abilities in digital enhancement can create wedding photographs that are breathtakingly beautiful, turning your wedding photographs into works of art. You can view some examples of images he has enhanced here.

Gordon McGowan’s photography is known worldwide and is often featured in magazines and in professional photography websites. These aspects may not be important to you, but they are confirmation that the wedding photography you will receive is of a high quality. Have a look at some of the images in his wedding gallery and blog. You will be amazed at the creativity and unique quality of the images.

When brides are asked what they most wish they had done differently on their wedding day, they will often state that they had not allocated enough of their budget to their wedding photography. An average wedding budget should allocate 20% of the total to still photography. If you are planning a budget wedding, this percentage could even be higher. Remember, your wedding photographs have to last a lifetime.

If you would like to talk to Gordon about your wedding day photography or want further information on digital enhancement or Scottish wedding venues, give him a call on (01389) 750773

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